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Who are we?

She Connects is a non-profit organization that provides mentorship to high-school aged women. Through our mentorship program, we aim to foster relationships where women are able to share stories, learn from the experiences of others, and support one another to reach our own personal goals.


Why Become a Mentee?


​As a mentee with She Connects you will gain valuable insight from mentors on various life topics. We place a large emphasis on providing a comfortable and safe space for young girls and women to share their challenges. Mentors will provide support and refer mentees to appropriate resources.

Why Should I Mentor?


​Mentoring with She Connects will allow you to connect with women in your community, and gives a sense of fulfillment and personal growth. Taking the time to volunteer with She Connects will help you develop strong leadership skills while allowing you to reflect on what you have achieved during your time helping others.




​Volunteers are essential to keeping our programs running! They help with everything from website updates, to social media posts, fundraising, grant writing, research, and event planning. If you want to grow your skills, give back to a good cause, and meet a great community of people, apply to join our team as a volunteer!


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