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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the mentorship program offer mentees?

Our mentors offer personalized mentorship for mentees (primarily mentees are in grades 11/12) on whatever life challenges they are facing. For example, figuring out what to do after graduating high school, any advice on various topics, or just someone to talk to who has graduated and might have some more life experiences to share with their mentee. We have left the program intentionally unspecific/ open-ended because we don't want to limit mentees to a certain topic.

Is this a free program for mentees?

Yes this program is completely free. All our mentors are volunteers, and there is no fee for being a mentee.

How do I join as a mentor?

Please check our Programs page to see when we are accepting new mentor applications.

Do mentors get paid?

No, this is a completely volunteer position

Is there an age limit for mentees?

Mentees are high-school aged. Typically in grades 11 and 12, but we have made exceptions in the past. If we have more mentors available than mentees we will accept mentees who are younger than grade 11. 

How would mentees contact their mentor? Would it be through a chat, emails, or a Zoom meeting?

This will be decided between you and the mentor you are paired with. Generally it is whatever method is easiest. We will start with email just to get the two of you connected and then you can decide what you want to use going forward. We encourage mentors to try and do face to face meetings (ie; Zoom, Google Meet, in-person, etc), but regular communication can also be done through text, online chat and/or phone calls.

Do I have to live in B.C. to be a mentor/mentee?

No you do not need to be from B.C you can be from any part of Canada. If mentors and mentees do not live in the same area they will communicate only online and/or through phone calls. 

We currently have mentors from provinces all across Canada.

How often do mentors and mentees talk?

We have left this open, but we expect mentees and mentors to meet for approximately 2 hours per month. 

How long is the mentorship program?

The duration of the program would last the full school year starting in September, with a possibility of having an option to extend to the next school year as well. The full program timeline can be viewed on our Programs page.

How do I join as a mentee?

You can complete this application form to join as a mentee. We will get back to you with more information about when you will be matched with a mentor. 

I am interested in being a mentee but nervous/uncomfortable about talking to a complete stranger, how can I overcome this?

It is perfectly normal to be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. This is something new you are trying out, and the benefits are numerous. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and reach out on our website to become a mentee. All our mentors have gone through different life experiences and we maintain a judgement-free zone at all times. We’re here to support you, the decision to participate is completely up to you.

How are mentors evaluated, screened & selected ?

Mentors complete an online application to express why they would make a good mentor. Once received, we review applications to determine which applicants would be the best fit for the program, conduct interviews, and contact references. Once mentors are accepted they undergo a criminal record check and complete training with Mentor Canada ( as well as internal training  before being connected with a mentee. 

Is there an age limit for mentors?

Generally the mentors are in their 20s. This is because it is easier for this age group to relate to girls who are currently in high school, since they have also been a high school student within the last

10- ish years. 

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