All three of our programs have been built with the input of women, youth, and participants to ensure we are meeting needs and filling the appropriate gaps. Our organization is fully run by volunteers who all want to build a positive community of women who support one another. 

She Connects programs are inclusive to womxn/girls/gender non-conforming folks of all identities.




Our mentors are all women with varying life experiences who strive to empower other women in their life's journey. As a mentor, you will be partnered with a younger female to help guide them through their individual stage of life. Guidance can be done through sharing your experiences, by being a person of trust, offering non-judgmental support and encouragement, role modeling, and/or by linking them to external resources or opportunities.





Mentees join our program to better themselves through the act of connection. This means finding your personal power to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles, with the help and guidance of supportive women around you. Mentees are connected to mentors - women with varying life experiences - for support. Support can come in many ways - whether it's just an unbiased person who can give some advice, or listening to their stories and experiences to get some perspective. We foster a non-judgemental atmosphere, and hope to forge connections that extend beyond the mentorship relationship.




Ambassadors embody our initiative by uplifting our cause without always being directly involved in mentorship, but many ambassadors are also mentees. Ambassadors are a crucial part of the She Connects initiative; they assist with event planning, future-state visioning, bringing a youth perspective, and recruiting mentees to the program. Ambassadors learn leadership skills and gain invaluable experiences from other women in industries they may want to work in the future, while at the same time building connections with a network of incredible women. 


In the future, we plan to initiate a peer mentorship program with ambassadors - typically girls in high school - mentoring younger girls.


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